Sara Rodell



Before starting Loop & Tie, Sara worked UBS in New York City as broker in institutional equity sales. She constantly had a need for quick thank you gifts, but all too often got hung up on what to send. Her annoyance eventually built into a large enough frustration that she decided to x this problem, for herself and others. Sara founded Loop & Tie to oer companies the easiest way to send gifts that are anything but generic. She has been an active member at Capital Factory, both in their accelerator and incubator and frequently speaks on panels focused on entrepreneurship, women in entrepreneurship and consumer technology. She’s a graduate of the Austin Technology Institute, has been actively involved in SXSW, both as a speaker and a judge and has served as a mentor for undergraduates at the University of Texas’ Longhorn Startup Semester Program. Sara is a native Austinite and a graduate of the University of Virginia where she earned a B.A. in Economics.

Loop & Tie is a corporate gifting platform that lets recipients choose their gift from a curated selection of unique options rather than receiving generic gift baskets or impersonal branded. Companies spend $34bn on client and employee gifts every year and the gifting process is impersonal and time intensive. Loop & Tie solves these problems with a digital experience that ensures recipients get gifts they care about, saves time and builds brand connections.