Rachel Cook



Rachel Cook is the Founder of Seeds. Prior to Seeds Rachel was a career-profitable futures/equities trader. She left that world after seeing a huge opportunity in the micro-lending space through investment in women, who are statistically more protable. Rachel launched The Microlending Film Project, a feature documentary exploring the impact of microlending on women across four continents, which she directed and produced. Filming in Kenya made her aware of the potential in text message money transfer, as 40% of Kenya's GDP was already being sent through text by 2011. She saw a chance to connect that infrastructure with industries in the developed world, and realized that microlending through mobile apps would be something millennials in the West would love. Through this Seeds was born. Seeds is a graduate of the Tech Stars / Barclay’s accelerator in New York. Rachel is a graduate of Duke University. 


Seeds, is a mobile SDK for games that provides a 33% revenue boost for app developers through social good. Seeds helps app developers convert nearly 60% more non-paying users into profitable customers, channeling micro-transactions made in-app into interest-bearing micro-loans made in the developing world.