Our Market Leaders are large corporations or leading startups putting diversity at the forefront.  They are actively seeking out opportunities to engage with, invest in, support and acquire top female founded companies.  Our Market Leaders are looking to heavily integrate with the Vinetta community and to become recognized as a global change maker, working to increase gender diversity in innovation and investment. 


The Collective will bring together 25 Market Leaders for the first cohort.  We will work on creating high engagement and strategic business opportunities between the Market Leaders and our other members.  As we have high growth founders in a number of sectors including Fin-Tech, Media, Advertising, Fashion, Wearables, Health Tech, IoT, Energy, Gaming and more, we are looking for key partners that can benefit from working with our community of entrepreneurs.  Ability to leverage you Market Leader peers and their reach is also a massive benefit and we work to make the interactions both productive and measurable.


  • Media & Marketing
    • Logo on the close of our promo video for the Collective*
    • Logo and case study in our deck which will be circulated to thousands of leading investors and founders globally*
    • Opportunity to participate in the standard version of our Comcast and Colorado STEM Initiative Partnership's targeted on air and online commercials and PSAs
    • Recognition as a founding partner on global promotional materials, our main website, event pages and event signage
    • Customized, high engagement social media pre, post and during events
  • Tailored Connections
    • Access to the world’s top female tech founders for partnership, lead generation and potential acquisition
    • Dedicated brand ambassador assigned to maximize your ROI and tailor your perfect partner relationships
    • In person introductions at events and attendee list acquisition
    • Direct access to our elite community of founders and funders
    • Cross-benefits offered by our other partner organizations
  • Event Access
    •  Access and three free invites to all global Showcase Events
    • Two invites to our intimate Founders and Funders VIP Dinners (7 global cities - your choice
  • Collective Selection
    • Inclusion in our Founder Collective selection process
      • Are you looking to incubate a certain type of company for acquisition purposes?
      • Does your corporation need to innovate internally but can’t afford a full-blown accelerator?
      • Are you looking to increase your brand awareness with the female workforce?
      • Are you looking for internal innovation or to develop a particular niche that would cost hundreds of thousands to cultivate?


  • Membership Dues: $50,000 for 1 Year
    • Pro-rata Membership Dues apply if you've already participated in another sponsorship.
  • One Give
    • A clearly defined offer that supports our founders
      • EX: preferred status, a unique package of services or products that your organization offers, a scholarship or award, educational offerings, mentorship and programming, partnership connections
  • Engagement Tracking
    • So we know how best to support you



What are the opportunities that we are missing? What are the great companies that have yet to founded? Vinetta is THE place to find these underserved and underdeveloped market opportunities.

They’ve been there and done that and they’ve seen how the process works and they can take a lot of the guesswork out for these entrepreneurs to hopefully get them there faster.


Erika Whitmore KPMG