Kirsten Brecht Baker



Kirsten Brecht Baker has 15 years of experience in developing companies and innovative business models to meet market demand. She has accumulated a diverse background in strategy, operations, fundraising, marketing and business development working with companies from start-up to Fortune 50 status. Kirsten is currently CEO and Co-Founder of Global Professional Search, a tech company connecting global employers with candidates who have foreign language and overseas experience, in addition to their industry skills. Prior to GPS, Kirsten co-founded four other start-up companies focused on technology, multiculturalism, and global markets, serving as CEO for two of them. Mrs. Baker worked as a senior consultant for Monitor Company (now Deloitte) and also served as the Chief Officer for Marketing and New Markets for American Councils– an international non-prot organization focused on language immersion and multiculturalism in over 80 countries.