Kasey Edwards &
Becka Richter



Kasey Edwards is a serial entrepreneur, UCSB Comparative Literature grad, and a childcare veteran. Kasey grew up in a home where her mom ran an in-home day care center and began working as a sitter at age 14. She funded college through babysitting and since founded multiple lifestyle brands in childcare (including University Sitters with Ms. Klauber Richter), retail fashion, and real estate. She’s been a foster parent to a 10 and 5 year old girl and worked with several nonprofits in Los Angeles including Reading Partners and LA Green Grounds. She is fascinated by the plight of parents and the experience of childhood.
Becka Klauber Richter is a serial entrepreneur, UC Santa Barbara Media Studies graduate, and eldest of 23 cousins. Becka’s career has been dedicated to children. After college Becka served as a nanny for prominent families in Los Angeles and worked on backend data at a tech start-up as she was also bootstrapping University Sitters. University Sitters scaled from one market to five and flourished as a boutique child care placement agency known for safety, trust, and excellent customer service. She taught computer skills to low income West LA community members through Chrysalis and is a Safe Families foster parent. Becka elevates childcare and lifts up children of all socioeconomic backgrounds.