World's First Talent Agency Dedicated to the Rise of Tech's Top Female Founders

The Collective sources, prepares and represents top female founder talent through a membership and agency model. 

Vinetta operates as a talent agency hand curating opportunities between Collective members internally and externally through our larger network.  We create the optimal strategic relationships, provide a mix of educational offerings, offer visibility to the right audiences, coordinate high impact events and introductions, and structure winning investments.  

This collaborative economy is thoughtfully constructed and we have specifically chosen you because given our Founder’s and larger community’s needs, your participation will be mutually beneficial.


At Vinetta our mission has always been to help female founders achieve massive growth, scale and success.   We want to see women building the next billion dollar businesses.  We know there is a massive market opportunity here and not only that but we believe when more women have money, power and influence we will create immeasurable positive change in the world.

Being a part of The Collective is meant to  elevate you above the noise. Building a business is hard especially with limited resources. We leverage our resources and networks on your behalf to get you there faster and smarter, saving you time and money.  It's our goal to understand your business model in depth and to support you with vetted connections, deals and access.


Based on your State of the Union call we develop an annual Game Plan geared to provide massive value for your company.  This game plan will focus on supporting founders in four key areas.  We will refer to and revise this Game Plan in quarterly meetings and use it to measure success . Below is a breakdown of the key areas and examples of a few offerings in each category.  This list continues to grow monthly.

  1. Strategic Partnerships – Hand curated relationships and strategic introductions crafted to increase your KPIs and revenue.
    • Warm introductions to your perfect corporate partners to expedite a deal to close
    • Access to partners such as GroupM, CableLabs and others who want first looks at our founders to cultivate strategic relationships with their client lists - the largest brands, cable providers, technologies and member bases
    • Access to our Market Leader custom partnership packages which include: service discounts, media deals, analytics tools, databases, sales tools, concierges and more
  2. Cognizant Capital – Introductions to a global list of angels, angel groups, VC’s and social impact investors
    • Access to a pipeline of leading investors who have committed to invest in female founders
    • Strategic intro's based on terms like: check size, geography and sector focus to expedite your raise timeline
    • Access to decision makers at leading accelerators for both seed and growth stage: Techstars, Boomtown, 500Startups, Mergelane, Y-Combinator, Distro Dojo, DreamIt, AngelPad, ERA and many more
  3. Visibility & PR – Intimate events globally as well as unique print, on air, online and on stage opportunities.
    • First access to pitch at Showcase Events or to join the panel and participation in private Founders and Funders dinners globally
    • Mass discounts on media buys
    • Paid speaker opportunities across the country
    • PR and marketing support from our in-house team
    • Free exhibit opportunities and panelist spots at leading partner conferences
  4. Growth Stage Education – Access to the leading minds in investment and innovation with a focus on growth and scale
    • Tailored connections with our mentor and advisor pool of experts 
    • A group of global Founders and Funders to leverage for advice, connections, mentorship and support
    • Discounted access to the top content providers in business and leadership and premier access to global entreprenuer groups and educational events.


  • Membership Dues: $5,000/ year for 2 years.  $3,000 due upon signing. Remaining $2,000 due the 1st of the following quarter.
  • Referral Agreements/ Success Fees

    • We are motivated to monetize your business for you. As such, we take a 10% revenue share  on contracts for services that transpired as a direct result of a referral we made.  If you choose, you're welcome to use this mutual referral agreement with each other as well. 

  • Lead Consciously

    • We believe we will change the way business works from the inside. Our Founders commit to leading their companies consciously and working towards social and economic returns.

    • Provide your thoughtful participation in member activities and offer support where you are uniquely qualified



Welcome to the family. The revolution is under way.