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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dues for membership?

Thank you for your interest in The Vinetta Project and THE COLLECTIVE.  At Vinetta it’s our goal to change gender ratios in innovation and investment.  We believe that when you give women equal access to information, resources, connections and capital and use technology to fuel their fire, companies and investors will not only see higher ROIs, our global population will prosper both socially and economically.

The Vinetta Project is a leading global ecosystem that supports high growth female founders in taking their businesses to the next level.  We currently have 7 Chapters across North America, with major influencers in tech, investment and entrepreneurship in each. Our chapter model has enabled us to build a pipeline through which we see over 2000 female founder deals per year.  Our global events and programming support 100’s of founders in building partnerships and connections.  Additionally our partner conferences, our visibility opportunities and our advocacy campaigns have increased investor engagement and led to over $33 million in seed stage funding.

Given the successes and high engagement metrics we saw, we wanted to have even more of an impact so we created…