The name Vinetta means prevailing and influential

The leading ecosystem supporting high growth female founders in taking their businesses to scale


Our Why

Startups founded by women are 20% more likely to be revenue generating
Investors make 35% higher ROI when they finance female founders.  Yet, they are underrepresented in positions of power in the innovation and investment ecosystem.

Vinetta is focused on changing this distribution of knowledge, power and capital.
The Vinetta ecosystem transforms the way companies are built and funded by leveraging the unique value proposition that women provide. When you give women equal access to information, resources, connections and capital, companies and investors will not only see higher ROIs, our global population will prosper both socially and economically.


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What We Do

 The Vinetta Project is an elite event ecosystem and deal flow pipeline that supports high growth female founders. We source high potential female founders with proven business models and offer them unprecedented access to proprietary events, resources, exclusive networks and capital
from vetted investors.


We operate events in 7 chapters across North America and have a premium membership model called The Vinetta Collective for top tier companies in our pipeline that are getting ready for their Series A raise in the next 6 months.

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We host a number of annual events in key cities across North America to build pipeline and impact local innovation ecosystems. Get involved in your local community today.

A private membership model for accelerated growth.
We select some of the most promising companies from Vinetta's pipeline and put our vast network and resources behind them.

Who We Are